Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jumping for Joy!

This is the second video mommy taped of Abby and I. I'm really loving the music and the dancing, as you can see! Yea for Grease!!

Here I am dancing and playing with my big sister, Abby~! We had so much fun!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My pretty new dress!

I wanted everyone to see my pretty new dress grandma got me! And here's my pretty cousin! She's 10 years older than me! WOW!

Here you can see the hat really well!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Evangeline's First Touch of Ocean

Daddy wanted to take pictures of our cute feet. I LOVE the feel of sand between my toes!

Getting a little ride on daddy's shoulders. What a view!

My first time in the Gulf of Mexico! What a beautiful feeling! The day is pretty nice too!

Daddy and I are enjoying the sea breeze. What IS that out there?

A nice little pose with daddy this time! He is my favorite daddy in the whole world!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our day at The Children's Garden

Hi Everyone, We're at the Children's Garden and WOW!!! It's so much fun!

I'm really high up (see through the slats?)... but I'm not scared....

I'm crawling along... I seem to like posing in this position. Or maybe it's mommy who snaps the picture at the exact moment...

I love climbing on this pretty green dragon. I'm not afraid because it's just make believe. Is it fun to pretend in the garden??>

Here we are posing! Chey is such a nice cousin--she played all morning with me..

I'm practicing my clapping! Whenever mommy says "Yea!", I love to clap.

Just going for a little swing ride under the tree!

I love these cool trucks here in the octopus sand"box". I was interested in playing I didn't tell anyone some fireants were biting me!! Oh well! Mommy put some of her neat-o concoction on and gave me some yummy homeopathy and they felt so much better!
See, daddy doesn't need a little boy. I'm pretty AND tough.
I really need some cool trucks at my house!! These are the best!

Just going for a little climb on the octopus before I have to leave..

Maybe next time you can come with us! The Children's Garden is SO fun! They have dress-up clothes, a maze, two-person swings, a really big pirate ship, little hide-away spots and so much more! Plus, it's all under shade so I can play and play and play...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some time in the buttercups

Here I am at Jerry & Susie's (CT) spending some time enjoying the sunshine and the flowers...

I really like picking these things...

I needed a little break, so mommy said I could have some booby under the apple trees. Aren't they pretty?!
Here's a funny face..
I really like what I see... Daddy must be making me giggle!
I'm just concentrating on playing here..
Ooooh, what's this?

I got it in my left hand and I'm pulling buttercups with my right. Mommy says she wants me to left-handed, but maybe I'll just use both!

Our trip to New England (CT and VT)

This is the end of our trip. We're all exhaused after SEVEN days of fun in New England. Notice how cute we still are...

We just hiked a mountain!! Well, daddy hiked and I hitched a ride. It's a good thing we have this mei tai, because I couldn't have kept up! There isn't a sidewalk for a stroller, either!

Here's a picture of Jerry showing daddy the different parts of town (from WAY UP HERE)

Mommy just loves LILACS and wishes they grew in Florida. Can anyone help her? She couldn't stop smelling them and even took some when we drove to Vermont!!!

Here we are at the beginning of our trip. Daddy is wearing my necklace of beads because I'm eating and it's hard to concentrate of eating if I want to play!